One On One – Featuring Alex McCoy – Vice President Retailer Innovation, eGrowcery


Join Matt Fifer for a series of conversations celebrating the life, work, and legacy of founders and leaders who are changing the game of retail; either with category-disrupting products or with innovative ideas, insights, and solutions that are impacting how products are designed, manufactured, sourced, shipped, promoted, shopped, purchased, and consumed.

Matt’s guest for this conversation is Alexandra McCoy, a dynamic sales and digital media professional within the retail community, who has a proven track record of building digital audiences, driving revenue, and providing thought leadership to both small and large brands across retail, consumer product goods, and digital technology.

Alex has worked as a trusted strategist with several regional & national retailers, as well as with countless brands in CE, wireless, FinTech, grocery, and recreation/outdoors by creating and guiding exceptional teams to consult on the development and management of multi-million dollar digital marketing portfolios to increase sales within retail store channel and/or online.

She is also actively involved in non-profits supporting health, children, education, and at-risk populations.

Alex will talk about the work she is doing at eGrowcery, and about the Digital Transformation group she will begin hosting with us in March.

You don’t want to miss it.


About Matt Fifer

Matt is a former Walmart executive who spent nearly 13 years in store and club operations, people development, marketing, and international mergers and acquisitions.

While at Walmart, he collaborated with major consumer brands to develop plans for launching hundreds of new products and services.

Matt left the company in 2005, and for the past 18 years, he has been a pioneer in the area of supplier education and development.

Today, he leads the team at 101 Ventures, a Bentonville, Arkansas-based venture studio that collaborates with innovators and entrepreneurs, helping them shape big ideas and bring them to market as new products, services, and startups.

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