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Conversations On Retail is a one-of-a-kind platform where retailers, their suppliers, solution providers, and other industry experts gather to exchange ideas, insights, and best practices while growing their professional network… one conversation at a time via:

We host Zoom-based conversations, classes, and conferences led by some of the retail industry’s top subject matter experts. Learn More

Our small groups bring together like-interested professionals for expert-led discussions, where iron sharpens iron as practitioners wrestle with some of the hottest topics and trends affecting the industry. Learn More

We host online gathering places and resource centers that help the industry connect with experts, solutions, and thought leadership.  Learn More

We work alongside leaders from retailers, supplier teams, and the solution providers that serve them both, helping them identify opportunities, solve problems, and implement strategies and tactics that accelerate smart and sustainable growth.  Learn More

Meet Our Team

Matt Fifer
Founder & CCS
Conversations On Retail
Mike Graen
Collaboration, LLC
Brand L. Elverston
Founder | Veteran | Author
Elverston Consulting
Suzy Monford
Food Sport International
Tony D'Onofrio
Shawn Harris
Board Member
Adviser, Investor
Jorge Risquez
Co-Founder & CEO
Ryan King
Co-Founder & CEO
Alexandra McCoy
Board Member
& Adviser
Ben Milam
Director, Walmart and Club Club
Heartland Food Products Group
K. Clarence Lawrence
Founder & CEO
The Allegory Agency
Steve Blair
Chief People Officer
Culture Collaborative