Matt Fifer

Matt Fifer is a former Walmart executive who spent nearly 13 years in store and club operations, people development, marketing, and international mergers and acquisitions.

While at Walmart, he collaborated with brand teams and their agency partners to develop and execute plans for launching hundreds of new products and services.

Matt left the company in 2005 to pursue what had been a lifelong dream of full-time entrepreneurship and has spent the past 18+ years launching more than a dozen successful companies.

Since 2006 he has been a pioneer in the areas of shopper marketing and supplier development, possessing a real passion for helping consumer brands and the service and solution providers that make up the “supplier community” grow.

Today, Matt owns (outright and in partnership) a growing number of companies that offer a complementary suite of services to retailers, their suppliers, and the service and solution providers that support them both.

Matt works with brands, sellers, and solution providers, charging companies $1,500 per month for 3 months, in exchange for 6-8 hours (per month) of mentorship, collaboration, and enabling.