Meet Jolene Conway, Founder of Dible Dough


Meet Jolene Conway, Founder of Arkansas-based Dible Dough, a company that combines an item that everyone has tasted (cookie dough) and puts it in a form that everyone is familiar with (a bar).

About Dible Dough
Dible Dough Edible Cookie Dough Bars are made with REAL ingredients that you’d find in your own kitchen.

Jolene Conway started Dible Dough when her best friend Suzy told her that she would rather eat the dough than the cookie. That’s when Jolene realized that creating an all-natural cookie dough bar using simple, recognizable ingredients was the craveable snack everyone would love.

Dible Dough is full of simple, recognizable, ethically sourced ingredients leaving no room for preservatives (none). And because they want to keep everybody safe, they use heat-treated flour and no eggs.

All the good stuff. None of the junk.

Try either of their two different crave-worthy products–refrigerated or shelf stable– both are equally delicious and preservative-free!

Use the discount code LAA15 when you shop at and receive 15% off (and free shipping) for any of their shelf-stable products.

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