The RFID Tag – Past, Present, & Future

Join Mike Graen for his conversation with Dr. Senthil Chinnappa Gounder P, Director of Research and Technical Professor at Auburn University, about the past, present, and future of the RFID tag.

They discuss their views on future RFID tag capabilities, and their impact on the retail industry.


About Dr. Senthil Chinnappa Gounder P
Working with end users, suppliers, technology providers, standards organizations, industry groups, and academic institutions on a global scale, Senthil has researched, advised, and executed projects that are enabling efficient adoption of RFID and other emerging technologies in retailing, aerospace, food, and logistics.

Senthil’s work has focused on the common goal of adapting RFID more efficient, reliable, and useful.


About Mike Graen
With 40 years of experience working for Procter & Gamble, Walmart, and CROSSMARK, Mike Graen has seen the retail industry from every conceivable angle. From helping develop what would become Retail Link to investigating and leveraging the potential of shelf-scanning robots and RFID tech in stores, Graen has made a career out of using technology to solve business problems.


Series Sponsors
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