The Near Term Implications of AI in eCommerce Advertising

Join Ryan King, Founder & CEO of BlueRyse, as he introduces some of’s top 1P and 3P sellers, as well as some of the experts working behind the scenes to help sellers of any size succeed.

Ryan’s guest for this session is eCommerce advertising expert, Alicia Marshia, head of Walmart Strategic Growth, at Teikametrics.

Join us for a conversation about the near-term implications of AI in eCommerce advertising.


About Teikametrics
Scaling a business on eCommerce marketplaces has become increasingly complex.

Teikametrics is building the first Marketplace Optimization Platform that helps thousands of sellers and brand owners easily optimize their performance, across the most valuable marketplaces and business verticals.

With our AI-powered technology and optional managed services, we eliminate tedious work for our customers so they can focus on what matters most — creating products and experiences that bring joy to their customers’ lives.


About Ryan King
Ryan is the CEO of BlueRyse, an Austin-based eCommerce agency for brands looking to succeed on

He is an experienced International Director with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organization management and eCommerce industries.


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