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On Shelf Availability Series – Featuring Pierre-Marie Rallu – Founder & CEO, 1retailAI


Join Mike Graen for this series of open, informal, and topical discussions… each focusing on the teams, techniques, and technologies that are driving meaningful improvements in the area of On-Shelf Availability.

Mike and his guests from industry and academia will spend the hour talking through some of the hottest topics concerning OSA, inviting listeners to share from their own experiences. Through decades’ worth of real-world experience and knowledge, Graen and his guests will provide a unique insight into a critical component of what it takes to succeed at retail.

Pierre-Marie Rallu, Founder & CEO, 1retailAI, joins Mike to talk about Digital Shelves.


About 1retailAI
1retailAi helps retailers find pertinent software solutions for their merchandising, marketing and supply-chain departments. We also help software providers to develop compelling offers to maximize value for the retailers.


About Mike Graen
With 40 years of experience working for Procter & Gamble, Walmart, and CROSSMARK, Mike Graen has seen the retail industry from every conceivable angle. From helping develop what would become Retail Link to investigating and leveraging the potential of shelf-scanning robots and RFID tech in stores, Graen has made a career out of using technology to solve business problems.


Series Sponsors
The On Shelf Availability Series is presented by the Department of Supply Chain Management at the University of Arkansas, and proudly sponsored by: