On Shelf Availability Conference

For decades, retailers and their suppliers have left billions of dollars on the table as they’ve struggled to make meaningful progress to keep stores in-stock for increasingly demanding shoppers. This is especially important for retailers today as they want to leverage the merchandise in their stores for Buy Online and Pick up in Store (BOPIS) strategies.

Tremendous progress has been made in many of the areas most significantly impacting On Shelf Availability (OSA), with innovations being driven by a handful of people, teams, and technologies that are working hard not only to develop solutions to the problem, but to democratize them so every stakeholder can participate.

Conversations On Retail is a one-of-a-kind platform where retailers, their suppliers, solution providers, and other industry experts gather to exchange ideas, insights, and best practices while growing their professional network… one conversation at a time. We host online gathering places and resource centers (including that help the industry connect with experts, solutions, and thought leadership.

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