My 2023 On-Shelf Availability State of the Industry

Join me as I present an update on the state of the retail industry, shining a light on some of the achievements being made in the area of on shelf availability, as well as the areas where there is still much work to be done.

There are few problems that have plagued the retail industry longer or more profoundly than that of on shelf availability.

When a shopper arrives at their favorite store and finds the products they’ve made the trip for unavailable, it erodes trust and loyalty, both to the brand and to the retailer, reducing the lifetime value of that customer’s relationship.

Even worse, with the rapid acceleration of online shopping, shoppers are far less forgiving, moving quickly from one retailer to another, until they find what they need.

Tremendous innovation and technological advancements have led to significant gains in some areas, while others continue to lag behind.

I hope you enjoy it.
– Mike