One-On-One Featuring TJ Foltz, Founder & CEO at Humankind Beverage

Join Matt Fifer as he goes one-on-one with TJ Foltz, Founder and CEO at Humankind Beverage.


About TJ Foltz
You might recognize TJ’s name or that of his company (Humankind Beverage, LLC) because they won Walmart’s very first “Get On The Shelf” contest back in 2012.

What you might not know is that it was an overseas mission trip in 2010 that broke the heart of a youth pastor from Philly, as he watched young children drinking water so dirty that we would consider it sewage.

Forever changed by that experience, Humankind Water was born, when TJ (who had no CPG background to draw from) decided to make providing clean drinking water to some of the poorest parts of the world his life’s work.

During our conversation, TJ and I celebrated his company’s winning streak, and we announced a brand new community he is hosting on the Conversations On Retail platform.

About Humankind Beverage
Humankind Beverage invests 100% of its net profits from water sales to build wells, install filtration systems, and fund access to clean water in developing countries.

To learn more and join the work, please visit:

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