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Join Matthew Adam Smith and a panel of industry insiders as they host a live question-and-answer session, designed to help brands and sellers optimize and scale their business on


About Our Panel
Matthew Adam Smith – Founder & CEO of MAS Commerce
From 2019-23, Matthew drove Walmart’s Commercial Transformation as a launch leader of their top B2B innovations—Walmart Connect and Walmart Marketplace—and as creator of their eCommerce Community strategy.

Within the world’s largest company, he helped stand up multiple 10-figure businesses that are leveraging AI to scale the quantity and quality of products available to Customers, and their experience across the Purchase Funnel.

Ryan King – Co-Founder & CEO of BlueRyse
BlueRyse is an ecommerce agency for brands looking to succeed on

They offer a full suite of services, from strategy and planning to execution and optimization. BlueRyse knows the ins and outs of the Walmart Marketplace platform, and uses that knowledge to help their clients achieve their goals.

Jeremy Howlett – Chief Growth Officer at Fusion Retail Group
The team at Fusion Retail Group partners with up-and-coming brands that are differentiated and seeking help in direct-to-consumer, marketplace, and retail sales support.

Dan Llewellyn – Client Engagement at Cohley
Cohley’s aim is to continue to help the world’s best brands generate the content that they need through vetted 3rd party creators, allowing those brands to generate high volumes of diverse, actionable content for a fraction of the cost.

Whether that’s branded photos or videos shot by creators on iPhones or more polished, high-res photography created by our network of photographers, Cohley is the content engine that provides marketers with the assets that they need to win across digital channels.

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