It's a Great Time to Partner With Us!

It’s been a lot of fun for me, personally, watching the Conversations On Retail platform grow so much this past year, adding nearly a dozen outstanding industry thought leaders to our team, and welcoming some of the world’s top service and solution providers as collaborators and partners.

We are excited to be offering more and more expert-led classes to the supplier community via SupplierU, and a number of virtual conferences that we’ll be hosting throughout the year.

Our small groups (also free) continue to grow in number, size, and engagement, as more and more retailers as well as their partners and stakeholders join and engage in our conversations.

I’m also proud of the communities we’re creating, that serve as gathering places and resource centers, where our group members can discover, connect, and share.

It’s a really great time to partner with us, and we’d sure appreciate you spending a little time considering just that, by checking out our partnership presentation, then clicking on the links below to learn more about 3 great options.

If you have questions, I hope you will email or even schedule a call with me to get them answered.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.  Let’s build something great together!

Matt Fifer
Founder & Chief Conversation Starter
Conversations On Retail