Yatin Shelar

Yatin is Co-Founder & CEO of Rapid Retailing, an agency that brings a “talent management mindset” to the consumer goods industry, helping the brands they represent not only get and keep their products on retailers’ shelves and websites, but also learn how to run more successful and sustainable companies.

He also serves as “Head Turtle” at Turtles Egg, a socially responsible multi-seller marketplace for U.S. consumers.

Yatin has a strong international business development background and is skilled in product development, manufacturing, sourcing, negotiation, logistics, and sales. As the President of Indigo Mountain Group, he has spent more than 32 years building factories and setting up sourcing and logistics offices throughout the world.

Yatin typically takes calls with people interested in help with:

  • Finding the right sales representation
  • Getting products onto the shelves of major retailers
  • Growing online, in partnership with less known ecommerce marketplaces


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