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Retail is evolving faster than ever as brands work hard to keep up with the rapidly changing demands of consumers.

In this fast-paced and high-risk environment, informed decisions must be made quickly in order for companies to survive and thrive.

Instead of tying up valuable time and resources in long-term engagements with one-size-fits-all consultants, get the guidance you need now with fast, focused, and informal interactions with multiple experts at a time.

Conversations On Retail offers direct access to specialists, making it easy for consumer product companies of every size, stage, and category to connect with some of the country’s foremost authorities in areas including sales, marketing, supply chain, eCommerce and more on any size of budget.

We are also an outlet for spending time catching up with some of the most inspiring people we’ve met (and continue to meet) along our journey in order to know them better and to celebrate their work and achievements.

It’s also a platform that brings a community of retailing and CPG professionals together in order to exchange ideas, insights, and best practices.

During our conversations, we talk with executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, journalists, investors … anyone with a unique perspective on the world of retail and the consumer packaged goods industries.

We discuss new products, hot upstarts, big breakthroughs, and important trends that are shaping the way we shop, consume, and live.

Hosted By Matt Fifer & Friends

You might know Matt from 8th & Walton and Supplier Community, (2) Bentonville-based supplier development companies that he founded in 2006 and 2016 respectively.

Ever since taking his first “real job” at 15 stocking shelves part-time in a small store in my little hometown, Matt’s been hooked on retail.

Nearly 35 years later, after walking stores all over the globe and strategizing alongside leaders from some of the world’s most admired retailers and consumer product companies, he still look for excuses to get into a store wherever he is and walk the aisles… just for fun.

Matt has spent the past 20 years teaching supplier teams of every size, stage, and category how to get, stay, and grow on the shelves of Walmart and other top retailers.

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