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Retail Link

Retail Link® Capstone Answering the “So What?” & “Now What?” (Members Only)

The purpose of this class is to help authorized Retail Link® users combine both analytical and storytelling skills in ways that make them incredibly valuable to their teams and customers.  We'll teach you how to interpret data, putting insight into action so you can anticipate and communicate opportunities and challenges, versus reacting to them.
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Intermediate Retail Link® – Beyond the Basics (Members Only)

With an emphasis on Decision Support, market basket analysis, sales forecasting, demographics, and advanced report building, our Beyond the Basics course takes authorized Retail Link® users to the next level, so they can dig deeper into their business.
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Beginning Retail Link® – Mastering the Basics (Members Only)

Our Mastering the Basics course gives authorized Retail Link® users the tools they need to get started and begin contributing to their teams quickly. We’ll begin with a focus on the fundamentals, including an overview of user roles and responsibilities, the Walmart calendar, and a short lesson on basic retail math. Next we’ll focus on the Dashboard, showing you how to customize panels, then introducing some of the most commonly used applications. Finally, we’ll dig into DSS Reports, and walk you through how to create, customize, and save them.
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