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Retail Technology Series – AI’s $9.2 Trillion Impact on Retail Through 2029
Join Tony D'Onofrio for Retail Technology Leadership, a group and series that shines a light on some of the most consequential innovations that are addressing many of the industry's biggest challenges and opportunities.
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Digital Transformation Series – Featuring Jehan Hamedi – Founder & CEO, Vizit
In this session, Alex McCoy welcomes Jehan Hamedi, Founder & CEO of Vizit, to discuss how AI is being designed to understand, predict and optimize what captures a consumer’s attention and why.
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On Shelf Availability Series – Featuring Pierre-Marie Rallu – Founder & CEO, 1retailAI
Pierre-Marie Rallu, Founder & CEO, 1retailAI, joins Mike to talk about Digital Shelves.
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Ocucon is an award-winning technology company developing innovative customer and market-driven software solutions that mitigate risk for loss prevention, asset protection, and health & safety professionals.
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Brain Corp
Brain Corp is the global leader in robotic AI software that powers the largest fleet of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) operating in commercial public spaces.
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