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Welcome to Retail Technology Leadership Conference – 2023, where we aim to help leaders make better sense of some of the most exciting, but least understood technologies shaping the retail industry’s future.

This is the second in our “Conferences On Demand” series that levels the playing field by making it easy for companies of all sizes to connect with experts and access valuable insight without the investment or distractions of an in-person event.

Watch Now.  Watch Later.

One of the drawbacks of conference attendance is having to sit through presentations you are not interested in, waiting for the “good stuff.”

Another is missing important details when they are presented from the stage.

That’s why we’ve pre-recorded each session, making it easy for you to invest your time on the topics that matter most, with the option to go back and watch any part of the conference that you may have missed… any time.

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The Disruptive Future of Retail

Tony D’Onofrio
CEO – TD Insights

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Economic Trends & Future Retail Technology

Greg Buzek
President – IHL Group

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Global Risks & Economic Predictions for 2024

Dr. Ira Kalish
Chief Global Economist – Deloitte

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The Future of the Retail Consumer Industry

Kasey Lobaugh
Chief Consumer Futurist – Deloitte

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The Future of the Intelligent Omnichannel Store

Leslie Hand
Group Vice President – IDC Retail Insights

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The Future of Department Stores

Werner Studer
Executive Director – Intercontinental Group of Department Stores

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The Future of On-Shelf Availability

Dr. Daniel Corsten
Professor – IE Business School, Madrid

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The Future of Retail RFID

Dr. Antonio Rizzi
Professor of Supply Chain Management – University of Parma (Italy)

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The Future of Generative AI

Dr. Jason Franklin
CEO & Founding Managing Director – WV Ventures Capital

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Innovation Alive in the Retail Industry

Jeff Roster
Producer & Co-Host – This Week In Innovation / Third Eye Podcast

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The Future of Retail Media

Trevor Sumner
Head of AI & Innovation – Raydiant

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