Founded in 2017, rapitag developed the world’s first patented anti-theft IoT sensors for retail merchandise asset protection.

With rapitag’s Intelligent Asset Surveillance (IAS) solutions, retailers can:

  • Actively track and trace rapitag IAS tagged items, for deeper product and customer behavior insights.
  • rapitag’s easily attached IAS tags can simultaneously be unlocked at the point of sale for increased checkout speed.
  • Unlocking rapitag’s IAS tags can be easily enabled for staffed checkout, self-checkout, associate’s enterprise mobile device, and even shopper’s mobile device for creating compelling customer experiences.
  • rapitag’s IAS tags are difficult to shield; they can also leverage existing EAS infrastructure for alerts at exits.
  • Actively inventory tagged items via associate enterprise mobile devices, as associates passively make rounds through the store.
  • Innovative cabinet & showcase locks, which are unlocked via associate mobile devices – No more looking for keys.
  • rapitag Active IAS tag beaconing allows for stolen item identification, increased deterrence, and aids in apprehensions and merchandise recovery by Law Enforcement.


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