Bentonville CONNECT!

We Get Folks Talking
Based in Bentonville, Arkansas, we are experiential marketers who have spent nearly 25 years collaborating with Walmart suppliers and their agency partners to develop and execute plans for launching and promoting hundreds of products and services on a nationwide basis.

Far more than cruising around Bentonville in wrapped vehicles, we specialize in creating out-of-context experiences for consumers that compel them to engage with the brands we represent and share their encounters with others.


Rolling Billboards
We take to the streets in attention-getting rolling billboards that break through the noise to create unforgettable one-on-one engagements with consumers in Northwest Arkansas (and beyond), increasing brand awareness and driving trial while creating a fun and festive atmosphere in a community that is like none other


Special Events
Bentonville is known for its many events, gatherings, and celebrations throughout the year that are designed to bring the community closer together.

Whether it’s strategically staging a wrapped vehicle near an event on the square or building a float for the annual Christmas parade, we love creating memories for consumers that leave them feeling better about the place they call home and the brands that care enough to invest in it.


How May We Help You?
We offer turnkey solutions for brands of all sizes, including collaboration, ideation, design, production, staffing, site approvals, coordination, and promotion.

We’d love to set up some time to get to know you, your business, and your objectives.


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