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Jim Demaree

Jim identifies, leads, and develops successful strategies and campaigns that help suppliers scale and optimize their businesses.

As the founder and president of F.R.I. Marketing, Jim has grown the Company to over $200M while managing all aspects of the business including the retail sales of existing and new products in Walmart Stores, Sam’s Clubs and other Retailer organizations.

He has provided consulting services to develop, train, and equip vendors on how to navigate and establish a good working relationship through the various levels and areas of the organizations. Represented many brands including: Mariani Dried Fruit, Satispie, Mondiv, Nature Sweet, Sugar Foods, Sundia, Buddy Fruits, The Pickle Juice Co., Del Monte, DCI Marketing among many others.

Prior to starting his Company almost 25 years ago, Jim worked as a Procurement and Sales Director for Walmart de Mexico managing fresh products through a “State of the Art” Distribution facility and overseeing a Perishable Buying office that distributed goods across the Country of Mexico as well as the import and export of goods from Latin America and the States. He also was part of the Buying team put in place to open the first of many Perishable Distribution Centers for Walmart in the U.S.

Jim started as a USDA Inspector of Fresh commodities in Texas, Chicago and St. Louis right out of college at Murray State University with a Degree in Agriculture and Business. He has also worked for one of the largest Supermarket Chains at the time, American Stores as a West Coast Buyer procuring fresh commodities for 5 separate Divisions of the Company.

Jim typically takes calls with people interested in help with:

  • Branding
  • Product ideation, innovation, and development (fresh and center store products
  • Package design
  • Product launches
  • Collaboration with service providers
  • Sustainability


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