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Holly Smith

As a former Walmart buyer, Holly’s experience centers around product negotiations, Walmart and Sam’s expectations, item setup and maintenance, and developing plans for supplier success.

Holly Smith is a former Walmart buyer who spent 6 years developing strategy for store layout and buying several categories within electronics.

After having her son in the fall of 2020, she decided to step back from full-time responsibilities and prioritize time spent with family.

She accepted a part time position with a retail broker in order to stay active in the supplier community while still enjoying time at home.

Holly typically takes calls with people interested in help with:

  • Preparing line review submissions
  • Presentations to buyers
  • Understanding supplier agreements
  • Submitting item creations
  • Uploading photos for
  • Setting up supply chain
  • Understanding shipping label requirements
  • Reading performance reports
  • Analyzing and improving OTIF
  • Fighting deductions and claims


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