Vanessa Ting

Vanessa Ting

Sales Representation - Shopper Marketing

Vanessa Ting is a CPG Growth Consultant & Fractional CMO focused on the health & wellness industry with a penchant for food, personal care, and women's wellness brands in growth stage.

She has 25 years of CPG & retail experience – from consumer marketing at Neutrogena; to retail buying at Target; to CEO of a “better for you” food startup; to GM at a CPG beauty brand incubator launching celebrity brands. In her 12+ years of consulting experience she has developed, launched, restaged, and grown many beloved CPG brands such as Honest Company, Milani, My/Mochi, Diva Cup, Abbot’s, and more.

Vanessa Ting

Vanessa's specialties include brand strategy & development, marketing innovation & product development, marketing strategy development, distribution/channel strategies, and go-to-market planning.

She is often brought into companies to revamp their marketing strategy and lead internal marketing teams on execution.

Vanessa delivers this using a nimble and consumer-first approach necessary to win in today's marketplace.

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