Suzy Monford

Suzy Monford

Sustainable Commerce

Suzy Monford is the Founder & CEO of Food Sport, an international consultancy that works with leading global retailers and technology providers to innovate and architect modern, lifestyle retail across supermarkets, food, fitness, and apparel companies.

She is the former Group Vice President of Fresh, and of eCommerce for Kroger, as well as banner President of QFC Grocery in Seattle.

Suzy has served in multiple senior executive leadership roles in the U.S. and Australia including CEO of PCC Community Markets, CEO of Andronico’s Markets, CEO of Cheers Inc., Head of Innovation Woolworths Supermarkets, Head of Innovation Coles Group Supermarkets, Chief Strategy and Marketplace Officer of Focal Systems, Director Foodservice H-E-B and H-E-B Central Market.




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