Rich Butwinick

Rich Butwinick

Retail Media - Shopper Insights

Rich is a pioneer in shopper marketing and omni-commerce.

He founded and led the shopper marketing agency MarketingLab for over 20 years.

The client roster included Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, Western Union, Delta Faucets, Phillips Distilling, and Georgia Pacific.

Rich has applied his knowledge and application of shopper behavioral science to create SellCheck.

SellCheck allows brands to pre-test their shopper communication before it goes to market.

SellCheck has proven to help increase conversion rates by 10 – 30% without needing more advertising.

Over 1,600 brands have used SellCheck across 76 countries.


Rich shares his expertise with CPG, Beverage Alcohol, Home Improvement, and OTC companies.

If you are struggling to get the momentum from the omni-commerce practice you expect, Rich can help you create and optimize your omni-commerce strategy, strengthen your retail partnerships, and train your marketing and sales teams on omnichannel marketing best practices.

Pay just $1,200 per month and receive up to 3 hours (per month) of virtual collaboration and enabling.


Each expert operates independently, and as a result, any opinions and recommendations they provide are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of Conversations On Retail or its leadership.

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