Rachelle Milam

Rachelle Milam

Retail Analytics

With over 25 years of experience in retail analytics, Rachelle Milam is a strategic partner who can transform the most complex business challenges into new opportunities.

For nearly three decades, Rachelle has been using the power of data and analytics to catalyze real business impact.

Her in-depth understanding of the retail landscape and supplier needs began when she started her career with Bayer and has only expanded since.

Over her career, Rachelle has worked with brands like Purina, P&G, J&J, Kimberly Clark, and Disney.

She spent almost a decade working with 8th & Walton to develop and lead both standard and custom courses on Retail Link and working with Walmart and Sam’s Club.

During her time at 8th and Walton, Rachelle realized her expertise combined with her passion for the space could help take businesses everywhere to the next level.

Leaning on her innate entrepreneurial spirit, she started her own company to help her clients exceed their sales and profitability goals.

From leading initiatives for new item setups, optimizing logistics, and providing valuable reporting recommendations, Rachelle enabled supplier teams of all sizes to thrive.

Rachelle continues to drive innovation and growth in the industry.

She has spent the last five years in operations for the Retail E-Commerce Analytics arm of 1WorldSync.

This service (formerly Webata) enables suppliers of all sizes to unlock sales growth through data differentiation, SEO mastery, content compliance, and much more.


Deeply passionate about her work and sharing her knowledge with others, Rachelle is eager to leverage her breadth of experience to empower suppliers, shortening their learning curve and putting them on the quickest path to growth.

Pay just $1,500 per month and receive up to 6 hours (per month) of virtual collaboration and enabling.


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