Matthew Adam Smith

Matthew Adam Smith

3P Marketplace - Retail Media

As a former Walmart launch leader of Walmart Connect and Walmart Marketplace, Matthew Adam Smith is an expert advisor on Retail Media, Omni-channel Strategy, 3P Marketplaces, B2B Strategy and Enterprise Transformation.

He stood up multiple 10-figure businesses that helped Walmart's largest 1P and 3P sellers become "Omni-Channel" while driving more than $3B in attributable sales.


As Founder & CEO of MAS Commerce, Matthew helps Retailers & Brands as an advisor and change management architect supporting their business transformation in an era of unprecedented technological change.

He brings intimate expertise in Retail Media, eCommerce and the latest AI and Advanced Tech strategies to help Commerce Leaders drive both B2B and B2C acceleration.

Pay just $1,500 per month and receive up to 2 hours (per month) of virtual collaboration and enabling.


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