Ben Milam

Ben Milam

Sales Representation

Ben Milam has 35 years of experience in the CPG industry offering a unique set of business perspectives that he's gained from successfully operating on both sides of the desk (as buyer and seller).

Ben spent 20 years with Mars Inc., mainly managing large national accounts like Walmart and Sam's Club, but also in headquarters roles to include sales operations and sales strategy.

Leaving Mars in 2010, Ben moved on to Sam's Club, buying key categories including pet care, laundry, home care, and commercial bakery.

Ben was also the Director of Merchandise Strategy and Supplier Collaboration while at Sam's Club.

In March of 2022, Ben returned to the supplier community, joining Heartland Foods Product Group as their Director of Sales.

In October of 2023, Ben joined Jack Link's as Senior Customer Development Manager, responsible for Sam's Club.


Ben partners with consumer product companies of all sizes and categories, helping them develop strategies for getting, growing, and staying on the shelves (and eCommerce marketplaces) of the country's most important retailers.

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