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One On One


One On One – Featuring Kenny Tomlin – Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, & Advisor

Matt's guest for this conversation is Kenny Tomlin; serial entrepreneur, active angel investor, and advisor to numerous technology and digital media companies.
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A Conversation With Andrew Gibbs-Dabney – Founder & CEO, LIVSN Designs

Andrew Gibbs-Dabney knows a thing or two about second chances. As an avid outdoorsman and entrepreneur, he’s making the most of his.
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A Conversation With Micheal Stich – General Partner & CEO, CourtAvenue

In this conversation, Michael Stich describes the acceleration in digital adoption that took place in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.
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A Conversation with James Smith – Co-Founder, James & James

In this episode, James Smith tells the story of how a foray into Pinterest turned him into a craftsman, and later, a business owner.
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Direct to Consumer – Diageo’s Journey

Join us as we sit down with Heath Willis, Global Head of Consumer Digital Experiences for Diageo, to talk about how the pandemic focused Diageo's attention on leveraging digital channels to better connect with consumers.
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Acing Your Next Buyer Meeting

What does it take to ace a buyer meeting? In this episode, Field Agent’s Rick West discusses the fundamentals that must be perfected well before suppliers step into these meetings.
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Andy Ruben – Founder & Executive Chairman, Trove

Trove’s founder and executive chairman Andy Ruben shares his insights into recommerce: the circular journey of products, from shelf to customer and back to shelf.
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Gabe Wight of Webata and Rick West of Field Agent discuss the essential knowledge and skills that it takes to succeed on – and in the larger world of e-commerce.
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Actionable Insights Series: Back to School

In this episode, CEO of Field Agent Rick West highlights the opportunities and challenges posed by this most unusual of shopping seasons.
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Kara Goldin – Founder & CEO, Hint

Kara Goldin spent the earlier part of her career as a tech executive. But through her own personal quest to find health, she broke into the CPG space with a product she believed in.
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Rap Session With Stu Todd: With Leaders. For Leaders.

Stu Todd tackles the subject of leading high performing supplier teams in a changed and changing retail environment.
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In the Aisles With Turner Thompson – Kroger

Join Kroger district manager Turner Thompson, as he shares his insights into the ever-evolving way the retail game is played.
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