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Sales Representation


Tabitha Jones

Tabitha is proficient in Walmart merchandising, sales analytics, and category management for replenished and DSD products.
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Jon Dowda

As the CEO of Supplier Community CONNECT!, Jon leads the world’s first full-service agency, focusing exclusively on helping the retail and consumer packaged goods industries’ top service and solution providers learn, iterate, grow, and succeed.
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Holly Smith

As a former Walmart buyer, Holly’s experience centers around product negotiations, Walmart and Sam’s expectations, item setup and maintenance, and developing plans for supplier success.
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Stu Todd

Stu has 15 years of experience leading cross-functional Walmart and Sam's Club business development teams and has developed an in-depth understanding of how these retailers operate.
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Sharon Belto

Sharon Belto is the Founder of Tiger Retail. Since 2018, she has served as a hands-on team leader of a “roll up your sleeves and get the job done” sales and replenishment team.
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Jim Demaree

Jim identifies, leads, and develops successful strategies and campaigns that help suppliers scale and optimize their businesses.
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Yatin Shelar

Yatin is Co-Founder & CEO of Rapid Retailing, an agency that brings a “talent management mindset” to the consumer goods industry, helping the brands they represent not only get and keep their products on retailers’ shelves and websites, but also learn how to run more successful and sustainable companies.
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