Rick Boosey – Founder, Kyya Chocolate

 In this episode, Rick Boosey talks about his path to entrepreneurship – and to chocolate. As the founder of KYYA Chocolate, he works with cacao farmers all over the world to bring small batch, single origin bars to local chocolate-lovers.

TJ Sangam – Co-Founder & CEO, SupplyPike

 As co-founder and CEO of SupplyPike, TJ Sangam helps CPG companies win at retail. By pinpointing inefficiencies and digging down to root causes, SupplyPike can streamline companies’ supply chains and eliminate operational pain points.

Julie Hall – Author, Why Most Product Launches Fail

 In this episode, author Julie Hall shares her expertise in launching new products, answering the question of why the majority of product launches fail. What can brands learn from the missteps of CPG giants and startups alike, and how can they avoid becoming part...

Bill Kirk – Co-Founder & CEO, Weather Trends International

 As co-founder and CEO of Weather Trends International, Bill Kirk’s job is to predict the notoriously unpredictable. In this episode, he explains how using statistics to make predictions about the weather helps suppliers and retailers make better decisions for...

Fahim Naim – Founder & CEO, eShopportunity

 As founder and CEO of eShopportunity, Fahim Naim lives and breathes e-commerce. With the expertise acquired as a category manager at Amazon, he helps big CPG brands and small DTC businesses alike win at online retail.