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Welcome to our 2024 “On-Shelf Availability Solution Summit,” the fourth in our series of “Conferences On Demand” that levels the playing field by making it easy for brands and sellers of all sizes to connect with experts and access valuable insight without the investment or distractions of an in-person event.

Join us now as we showcase some of the people, processes, and technologies that are most significantly impacting On-Shelf Availability in-store and online.

Watch Now.  Watch Later.

One of the drawbacks of conference attendance is having to sit through presentations you are not interested in, waiting for the “good stuff.”

Another is missing important details when they are presented from the stage.

That’s why we’ve pre-recorded each session, making it easy for you to invest your time on the topics that matter most, with the option to go back and watch any part of the conference that you may have missed… any time.

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When reviewing the presentations, please click on the “Ask Questions” links to actively engage with the presenters by submitting questions, sharing insights, or asking for more information.

Summit Kickoff
Mike Graen – Collaboration, LLC
Emil Martinez – Tata Consultancy

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Meet Trax Retail
Matt Greene – VP, Enterprise Sales

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Meet Badger Technologies
BJ Santiago – CEO

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Meet Retail Insight
Corrie Martin – Sales Director

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Meet inriver
Joakim Gavelin – Senior Principal Advisor

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Meet Shiloh Technologies
Britt Fogg – Founder & CEO

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Meet Retail Aware
Keith Fix – Founder & CEO

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Meet bops
Jorge Risquez – Co-Founder & CEO

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Meet Barcoding, Inc.
JW Franz – IoT Director

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