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October 2, 2021

Macy’s Fights to Keep Amazon Off the Billboard on Herald Square Store

A Macy’s landlord is reportedly in talks with Amazon to have that online retailer advertise on a billboard atop Macy’s Herald Square store. Macy’s is going to court to prevent
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Walmart and Kanye West’s Yeezy Are Locked in a Legal Dispute Over Logos

Walmart is stoutly defending its spark-resembling logo, thought not really against a competitor, which Kanye West’s luxury fashion brand Yeezy isn’t. The retailer says that it is trying to prevent
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Bed Bath & Beyond Shares Tank Amid Supply Chain Complications

Bed Bath & Beyond had built up some momentum as its turnaround took hold, but now supply chain issues threaten to derail progress at a critical time. The retailer’s shares
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Retailers, Delivery Companies Pull Out All the Stops to Attract Workers

Retail and delivery operations require a great deal of manpower, especially during the holiday season. But a tight labor market makes hiring those many thousands of workers difficult, especially when
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