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Iron Sharpening Iron… One Conversation At A Time.

Our communities (small groups) bring together like-interested professionals for expert-led discussions, where iron sharpens iron as practitioners wrestle with some of the hottest topics and trends affecting the industry.

Mike Graen
On-Shelf Availability
Brand L. Elverston
Asset Protection & Risk Mitigation
Vic Miles
Beyond the Tech
Buster Arnwine
The Bottom Line
Olga Yurovski
Shopper Marketing
Shawn Harris
Reinventing Retail
TJ Foltz
Built from Scratch
Suzy Monford
People, Planet, Profit
Tony D'Onofrio
Retail Technology Leadership
Jorge Risquez
CPFR 2.0
Ryan King
Winning With
Matthew Adam Smith
The AI-Powered Future of Retail
Steve Blair
Leadership & Culture
Ben & Rachelle Milam
Dollars & Sense
Matt Fifer
Lap Around America

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Meet Our Partners

Keystone Commerce

Keystone Commerce is a full-service digital agency committed to helping brands grow in the ecommerce space. Our team has over 15 years of online experience and has worked with emerging and billion-dollar brands alike. We provide a unique understanding of

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Aperture Marketing

Aperture is an independent consultancy dedicated to helping omni-commerce leaders create, optimize, and activate solutions to grow sales profitably. Aperture has a unique approach that combines practitioner expertise with behavioral science to ensure that omni-commerce is an investment that delivers

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With a presence in over 20 countries, SML Group is the global end-to-end RFID and brand identification solutions provider, delivering proven results and rapid ROIs to brands in the new era of retailing. We offer innovative InspireTM and EcoInspireTM labeling

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Retail Aware

Retail Aware helps brands, retailers, and their partners measure in-store product displays and shopper behavior data in real-time. They help you know what shoppers want like never before to increase your ROI.   Start A Conversation! Keith Fix, Founder &

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